In answer to consumer demand cheap conferencing rates are on the rise, fortunately with increasing supply and easy access conference calling solutions. Various affordable rate plans are available and they are always changing.

There are several different types of conference call service providers, each with far-reaching benefits in the business world. We have arranged our resources into different pages per call type with the following topics on every page, including:

  • Conferencing Definition and Description for New Conference Calling Users
  • A 'How To' Information Guide
  • User Guide and Informtion
  • Conference Calling Tips
  • You will also find information and resources on:
  • Related Articles of Interest
  • Current Affairs

Our mission is to provide valuable information for all of your conferencing questions in one, easy to use website. Please return often for updated resources on conferencing provider services and consumer information.

Definition: Conference calls are utilized by two or more individuals who find reason share information among themselves. Many professional organizations and special interest organizations find business conferencing an effective way to conduct their personal or professional communications needs.

Conference calls (sometimes referred to as an "earnings", "quarterly" or "analyst" call") was developed to allow investors to dial into a special phone number and hear information on a company's financial results of a recently completed quarter. Many companies also utilize conferencing services for replay audiocasts or webcasts for those unable to attend the call.

How to set up a Conference Call - User Guide

Because there are several different types of calls, we have described the 'how to' on each of our following pages. What all conferencing services have in common is the ability to hold calls 24/7 by accessing a phone number (or website) after which an access number will permit you to join the call or online meeting. Conferencing services are often used on a 'pre-scheduled' basis (an as needed call setup). Most conference calling companies do not require a long term agreement and there is no need to use the same carrier that handles your current long distance calling. This makes trying alternate conferencing service providers easy and essentially risk-free.

About Us - Our Conference Calling Services and Mission

Business communication is the oxygen and life force behind your company. It's about efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. It's about creating a level of excellence that allows you to grow, reach beyond the current status quo and proceed beyond current profit margins.

Working in the telecommunications industry for over ten years, I noticed a large dis-advantage for who those who were mystified and paralyzed by the ever growing technology within the communication industry. These customers were left in the dust. <

As a result I have made it my business to offer simple, easy to understand business communication information for those wanting to come out and play with the rest of us. The information in this website is designed to answers basic questions of what, when, why, who and how. What is web conferencing and the benefits it has to offer, when should this become a part of my business model, why should I use it, who else is using it, and how do I apply it to my business?

Perhaps we won't always play on the same field, but at least you know you are invited. Enjoy our business communication information basics with solutions that will maximize your bottom line and playing time. Whatever your game, welcome to our playground!!